In the first trip to America, there were three types of passengers. They were puritans, separatists and strangers.

  • Mayflower Story Pt 1of 3-0

    Mayflower Story Pt 1of 3-0

    Wanted to make changes on the catholic church.
  • Separatists: People who didn't want to follow the catholic church anymore.
  • Strangers: Cooks, workers, and poor people who wanted to try luck. They wanted to try to get anew life and a better chance of living than in England.

Samoset and SquantoEdit

Mayflower Story Pt 2 of 3

Mayflower Story Pt 2 of 3

When the settlers first arrived, they met a group of Natives. They leader, Samoset, spoke English; Samoset was accompanied by another Native called Squanto, who was a surviver. He was a Slave from S pain, who ran away to England, then back to America.

Samoset and Squanto taught the English settlers how to plant maize, and also established the treaty of mutual assistance.

Mayflower CompactEdit

It was written when the English finally arrived to America. With the compact, they swore their loy

alty to England and the King, and would act on his name, taking land and colonizing on his name.


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Mayflower Story Pt 3 of 3

Mayflower Story Pt 3 of 3

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