When the settlers first arrived in America, they separated their colonies in three main groups, New England, Middle and South.

New EnglandEdit


Economy: These colonies depended on fishing, trade and smuggling. They also built ships. Slavery was not needed in this region.

People: Most people were puritans, but there were also people with other beliefs. They had their own laws for courtship. 

Climate: It was cold. They had long winters and because of it they only did subsistence farming.

Middle Edit



  • New Jersey 
  • New York
  • Delaware 
  • Pennsylvania

Economy: They had ports and rivers. They traded grains, furs, whale oil and manufactured oils.

People: Great diversity of people. Germans, Scotish, Irish, etc. Because of the great diversity, there was also great tolerance in this region. Quakers appeared.

Quakers: It was a group of pacifists who believed everyone was equal.

Climate: Good climate for farming, also, good farming land. Mild Winters.

South Edit

  • Maryland 
  • Virginia 
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina 
  • Georgia

Economy: Depended on plantations, because of it, slavery was very common. There were a few large cities. Virginia depended on tobacco.

People: Maryland - catholics. South Carolina was French. In Georgia there was a large amount of debtors.

Climate: Long raining periods. During the growing season, they had the best climate.